The Business Fellowship started in September 2012 and is approaching its first Birthday. It has been a very interesting experience discussing topics from business ethics such as sacking co workers to dodging Tax, and WWJD (What would Jesus Do).

Designed for anyone in business, whether you are employed, self-employed or own or run a large organisation, there’s something to take away and apply in your workplace.

What makes this group different is that it is not just another ‘sales arena’! We do discuss over a drink and some good homemade chips. Issues that we often face in practical working life and just how we should act when faced with difficult decisions.

It’s a very friendly and informal meeting where like-minded people not only hear a short presentation, for instance, on tax affairs, delegation, or dealing with the competition, but with the opportunity to consider the morality behind the way business is done and what helps make you a better person in the way you manage your business affairs.

Judging by attendances to date it seems to have great appeal. Maybe the Beer and Chips help a little !!

Look out for the new dates for Autumn 2013


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